GM Vladimir Onischuk wins Stockholm Chess Challenge

226_Trio_i_toppThe GM from Ukraine, Vladimir Onischuk, (in the middle) managed to win his last game vs Joachim Birger Nilsen, Norway. The win secured his victory in Stockholm Chess Challenge. A victory which gave Onischuk 10 000 SEK in prize money.

GM Daniil Lintchevski (left) from Russia came second and the host nation saw GM Erik Blomqvist (right) winning the 3rd prize.

Final standings, all players:

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RELIVE the last round

Interview with Qiyu Zhou at 3h 05min 26 sec
Interview with the winner Vladimir Onischuk at 3h 18 min 00 sec.
Last words about the tournament with WIM Inna Agrest and GM Ulf Andersson at 3h 48 min 00 sec.

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Rond 8: Vladimir Onischuk wins again and takes the lead

What a saturday for GM Vladimir Onischuk, Ukraine (2614). He followed up his win against GM Lintchevski saturday morning to win in the 8th round this evening against GM Adam Tukhaev.

He has now the lead with with 6 of 8 points and is followed by GM Lintchevski and Sweden’s hope GM Erik Blomqvist who both have 5.5 p.

The last round is played on Sunday at 13:00 CET.

Here are the pairings on the top boards
1. GM Onischu (6.0 points) – FM Nilsen (4.5 p)
2. GM Blomqvist (5.5 p) – IM Nasuta (4.5 p)
3. GM Lintchevski (5.5 p) – WIM Kantane (2.0 p)
4. WIM Zhou (2.5 p) – IM Kantans (5.0 p)
5. IM Kazakovskiy (4.5 p) – IM Westerberg (4.5 p)

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Onischuk won! Close race in Stockholm chess challenge

223_GM_Vladimir_OnischukTop rated Vladimir Onischuk (2614) won his game against Daniil Lintchevski in round 7 this morning. Both have now 5 points before the 8th round which starts at 17:00 CET this evening.

This is the top standings with only two rounds to go:

  1. GM Lintchevski, Russia (2561), 5 points
  2. GM Onischuk, Ukraine (2614), 5 p
  3. GM Blomqvist, Sweden (2514), 4.5 p
  4. IM Kantans, Latvia (2496), 4.5 p
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Prepare for a big fight in the next round

GM Daniil Lintchevski won against IM Jonathan Westerberg in round 6 and is still in the lead with 5 of 6 points. But all that can change in round 7.

The top rated player Vladimir Onischuk (2614) also won this evening in Stockholm Chess Challenge’s and Lintchevski and Onischuk meets in a big fight in round 7. Onischuk will catch up Lintchevski if he wins.

Sweden’s big hope GM Erik Blomqvist is following the top duo. He won his game against Adam Tukhaev, Ukraine.

The tournament’s two female players Anna Kantane, Poland, and Qiyu Zhou, Canada met each other. Anna Kantane won that battle.

Relive round 6 here:

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