Nikita Maiorov wins Stockholm Chess Challenge 2019

Closing ceremony for Stockholm Chess Challenge 2019.

Here are the Top 3 in Stockholm Chess Challenge 2019 together with Åsa Grübb-Weinberg from the tournament’s main sponsor Data Respons. From left: FM Jung Min Seo, Sweden (3rd place), GM Nikita Maiorov, Belarus (winner) and GM Kirill Stupak, Belarus (2nd place). Here are the final standings.

The organizers Stockholm’s Chess Society and Stockholm’s Chess Federation want to thank the main sponsor Data Respons for its engagement and support through out the tournament and for the gifts and flowers to the players.

The organizers also want to thank our partner Swedish Chess Academy who also organised the chess event ”Business Enterprise for integration” during Stockholm Chess Challenge

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Photographer Lars OA Hedlund has frequently visited the tournament with his camera. Here are his great pictures from the tournament.

Here you can relive all the web TV coverage from Stockholm Chess Challenge 2019.

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Jagadeesh Siddharth & Jung Min Seo play for IM norm

Jagadeesh Siddharth & Jung Min Seo. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

The two youngsters Jagadeesh Siddharth, Singapore and Jung Min Seo, Sweden, have both chance to take an IM norm in the last round of Stockholm Chess Challenge, sponsored by Data Respons.

But it will demand victories for both of them. Siddharth plays against the grand master Kirill Stupak and Jung Min Seo plays against Hampus Sörensen.

All the live action starts at 5:00 PM CET here.

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Belarus duo in the top in Stockholm Chess Challenge

Kirill Stupak (left) shares the lead. Here is playing against Swedish player Kaan Kücüksari. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

One of the Belarus grand masters Kirill Stupak and Nikita Maiorov will most certainly win Stockholm Chess Challenge which will be finished on Wednesday with last two rounds.

They are 1,5 point ahead of FM Jung Min Seo and Swedish grand master Erik Blomqvist. Jung Min Seo had a good chance to stay close behind Stupak and Maiorov.

But Jagadeesh Siddharth, Singapore, managed to win the game against Jung Min Seo in the 7th round. Siddharth is having one of his best performances here in Stockholm. His ELo has raised impressive 95 points so far.

But Indian player Shri Savitha is even better with an astonishing raise of her rating with 105 points.

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Chess can be helpful for footballers

Football and chess are at first glance not very common. It is rare to hear of a football player who likes to play chess, or a chess player who likes kicking ball. But there are more similarities than many people might think, and the fact is that chess can be a great help for football players to understand their own game better.

Football players and chess

Perhaps there is no natural link between the two sports. One is the world's largest team sport and the other is one of the world's oldest board game. The links which it has been reported is also more comedic than helpful. One example was reported by a couple of years ago. The two Norwegian football players Martin Ödeegaard and Mats Moller dahlia posted a picture on Instagram showing the two play a game of chess. However was something very wrong with the picture, which country the art and also the world chess, Magnus Carlsen, was quick to point out. Not only are the king and queen standing in the wrong place. The entire board was turned 90 degrees in the wrong direction.

Whether Ödeegaard and dahlia has continued to play after the event is unsaid. Ödeegaard play today in La Liga club Real Sociedad, while dahlia play in German St.. Pauli. According stain and news report from is the odds 4.00 for Real Sociedad ends among the top 4 best in the league. To succeed, it had one idea was to take a closer look at a chess board. Continue reading »

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Live TV with IM Martin Lokander & WCM Ellen Sofia Kakulidis

Ellen Sofia Kakulidis in the TV studio. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

Martin Lokander and Ellen Sofia Kakulidis are your hosts in the studio during every round of Stockholm Chess Challenge. They start the broadcast of today’s 7th round at 5:30 PM CET, half an hour after the round start.

Follow the live action here.
Pairings and results.

STANDINGS: 1) GM Kirill Stupak, Belarus, 5,0 p. 2) GM Nikita Maiorov, Belarus, 5,0 p, 3) FM Jung Min Seo, Sweden, 4,5 p.

See Lars OA Hedlund’s pictures during Stockholm Chess Challenge.

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