Thanks – you made Stockholm Chess Challenge 2017 special!

The organizers Stockholm's Chess Society and Stockholm's Chess Federation want to thank everyone involved in the success of Stockholm Chess Challenge 2017. We would thank the main sponsor Data Respons and the co-sponsor Memory Hotel.

The winner GM Adam Tukhaev, GM Nikita Maiorov, Åsa Grübb-Weinberg, Data Respons, GM Ulvi Bajarani, GM Erik Blomqvist, CM Stefan Pogosyan and IM Philip Lindgren

We will also like to thank the arbiters Jonas Sandbom and Jan Peter Palmblad and the TV crew Martin Lokander and However Madeleine Hagstrom. Our gratitude also goes to GM Pia Cramling who made an appreciated chess performance at Data Respons event on Thursday March 9.

Thanks also to the tournament photographer Lars OA Hedlund, and Follow Chess for the co-operation with the live coverage.

And last but not least we thank you all fantastic chess players who made Stockholm Chess Challenge 2017 a memorable event.

We will be back in 2018 thanks to the investment and commitment by Data Respons. The dates for Stockholm Chess Challenge 2018 will be announced soon.

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Betting in play

Mathematics is far from average Svensson's best subject so of course it will be difficult when so much of the entertainment world is based on this.

Foto: Mostphotos

Odds and chance are not just catchwords but in many cases the foundation many games based his mechanics on. Is this necessarily a bad thing? The answer there really is both yes and no, on the other hand, a party claiming that a completely random based system does not favor anyone while another counters that an individual's skills and experience are ignored.

The truth is often somewhere in between, for even if the core of many games, particular hazard of various kinds, based on random as you can with a little strategy to turn the odds in one's favor. Exactly how to do this varies extremely depending on what type of game to play, but we have, for simplicity, divided them into three main categories.

Ren slump

This category is perhaps the most obvious when the game ends up here are those that are completely based on luck in its basic design. This includes everything from the coin toss to dice games like Yahtzee, but you can stretch the definition far more than that.

The best and probably the most famous example of what is essentially a game of chance, poker in all its forms, whether it is the Seven Star stud, Omaha High and Texas Hold'em like the one you can find at 888casino. As a player, you have no control over what cards you get and it is pure luck if your resulting hand is good or not, but despite this, Poker and its many subgroups among the most popular games in the world.

So how can you explain this? The major reason why poker despite massive element of chance can be played competitively is to not play with the cards themselves - playing with opponents. The Most guides will explain to you that the biggest factor in determining who wins in poker, regardless of the type is the one who can bluff and read their opponents best. Although luck is still a strong element so it is hardly what determines the game.

controllable random

This category is a bit more vague as it is largely the same as the last. The big difference is that the chance of these games are not just pure luck, but can be used tactically by the observant player. These games come in two main varieties: The static and the dynamic random. Static random means that the odds are always the same no matter how long you play, but still gives the player some power over how good or bad this is. A prime example of this is a roulette where the board itself never changes, but you as a player has full control over how much chance you have. The more you spread out your investments, the better chances you, but also decreases the potential payout.

When it comes to dynamic random changing odds during the game, but an experienced player can use this to their advantage. In blackjack card counting an often criticized but equally effective method that uses that playing with real cards. Played cards are away, so keep one eye on which ones have appeared, one can calculate the odds of coming up short and invest their money then.

Chess - a random loose game

Finally, we have the chance to solve games. These are more or less based on the players' own knowledge and strategies, so nothing falls on a metaphorical dice to determine. Favorite example of many is this chess. This game is so pure and free from coincidence that almost everything can be simple but tedious summarized as math. There are a limited number of strategies, and a limited number of ways to play, so accustomed chess enthusiasts often memorize hundreds if not thousands of possible countermeasures for each plan they apply. It may seem stiff and boring by some, but in return, it is among the fairest games in existence.

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16.00 CET: Live action from last round with TV & Follow Chess

You can follow Stockholm Chess Challenge with Follow Chess. We will also have a TV coverage in english. FM Martin Lokander is your host. The TV coverage starts approx. one hour of every round.

DESKTOP. Link to web site with embedded TV-coverage.

ANDROID. Download the app here.

IPhone / iPad. Download the app here.

TV COVERAGE, ROUND 9 (English commentary)

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Express report: Norm explosion in Stockholm Chess Challenge

Before the last round which start at 4:00 PM CET we can already celebrate two new FM:s 13 year old Stefan Pogosyan, Russia and 16 year old Milton Pantzar, Sweden. Both have crossed the 2300 barrier during Stockholm Chess Challenge 2017.

New FM (1) and probably an IM norm for Stefan Pogosyan, Russia. New FM (2) Milton Pantzar, Sweden. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

According to this Stefan Pogosyan has most certainly earned an IM norm. We will calculate everything after the tournament. Eric Thorn, Sweden, has also a chance to take a IM norm. But then he most defeat the swedish champion GM Erik Blomqvist in the last round.
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