Data Respons

We believe a smarter solution starts from inside. Data Respons provides products, R&D services and embedded solutions at all levels of complexity to different customers in a wide range of market segments.

Our culture & history characterises a tremendous thirst for knowledge, the will to succeed and a burning passion for embedded solutions, resulting in a customer-focused approach with a strong corporate culture built on shared attitudes and values. Our customers have a global leading position within their industry. Some may offer technologically complex products to end-customers worldwide. Others may be subject to strict government requirements and regulations.

Our vision

A smarter solution starts from inside 

“Smarter” challenges us to achieve better solutions! Smarter than what exists, smarter than competitive solutions or products, smarter functionality, technology and innovation.

“Inside” can mean the obvious paired with “solution” – an embedded solution entails a solution embedded or integrated inside a machine, a system or an industrial end product.  But, inside also means inside the minds of our many experts so this emphasises our world-class knowledge and expertise.

Our Mission

To strengthen our customer’s competitive power by providing the best solutions that fulfill their specifications.  Our mission drives Data Respons to work with our customers in order to become a preferred and long-term partner. It is important that our customers experience the benefits of speed, innovation, quality and cost improvements as this is our value proposition to the market.

Data Respons’ overall goal is to continue to strengthen our position as one of Europe’s leading companies within the Embedded Solutions market.  This goal is backed by our concept of combining a comprehensive selection of standard embedded computer productswith extensive experience in engineering and project management servicesand operating within important vertical markets.

Our Culture

In Data Respons engineers, sales, operations and the administration work closely together, resulting in a customer-focused approach and a strong corporate culture built on shared attitudes and values. We have an experienced, pulsating and creative social environment. Team spirit and a good sense of humour are highly valued qualities. A little madness and wild ideas are part of the innovative environment. Office corridors and development labs are more likely than not buzzing with professional discussions. We share knowledge and initiatives for improvement – both within and outside our own areas of expertise.

Work hard – play hard

In addition to our professional community, sporting activities and social gatherings have always been an important part of Data Respons. There is a long and proud tradition of participating together in sporting events, from biking to bandy. Data Respons’ offices often have after-work get-togethers and cultural happenings. Our corporate band frequently plays at parties and recruiting events. These activities are based on one of Data Respons’ values – having fun.

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