Chess has famously been played for several centuries. No one knows the exact origin of the game, but researchers think they know that the game originated in the area around India and Iran are more 1500 years ago. There are also theories about an early variant of chess was played as early as 100 In China.

j-grahl-chess-set-webThe word chess is a loan-word from persiskans shah, which means "king". The game has long been considered to be a game for kings and it is probably the world's most played strategy games. The simple rules and endless possibilities make the game is more popular today than ever before.

We are accustomed to seeing chess pieces made of wood and plastic, but also glass and metal are common materials. In the past it was not uncommon for pieces carved from ivory and such plays have now highly collectible. To have a nice chess board at home has long been a status symbol and there are sets that are valued at as much as five million, some even more.

We take a look at the list of the five most expensive schackbrädena we will find both exceptional craftsmanship and of course exclusive materials. Piero Benzonis set pieces from the set Carolingi XIV was a way to show respect for the many wars that took place during the 800s between the French Carolingians and the Ottoman Turks. Each piece is handcrafted in gold and silver and the incredibly detailed characters look like kings, queens, bishops, runners and farmers. The set is valued at approximately one million crowns.

1972 designer Jim Grah a Chess whose plays together weighing nearly half a kilogram, only in gold and solid silver. The board is made of ebony with fine details in silver. Jim Grähs set would cost you about four million.

The firm Charles Hollander is known for its exclusive merchandise and set Royal Diamond is no exception. The designer and jeweler Bernard maquin needed 4 500 hours to complete the masterpiece consisting of 14 karat vitguld och 9 900 vita och svarta diamanter. Cost? About five million.

Victor F. Scharstein designed its Asian-inspired set of Sun Zi's classic book The Art of War in the tanks. With materials like gold, rubies, smaragder, sapphires and diamonds set as seen as one of the finest in the world. When the creation auctioned so landed the second highest bid of around seven million. The winning bid is still secret, but expect that it is considerably much higher.

None of these sets will be near Jewel Royale. When jewelers Boodles announced his creation 2005 so had only produced the King. With 146 diamonds and 73 rubies so valued the piece to around one million crowns. No one has ordered a full set, but the total value is estimated at around nine million.

When the wallet is not really permit the purchase of other than spot plays so there are many game makers in Sweden which can provide a much-needed addition to the checkout.

If you are not so much for the gold, silver and gemstones maybe This set is for you? The US site LensRentals lined up a number of camera lenses of different sizes on a chessboard to once and for all decide the battle between Nikon and Canon. Allegedly won the Canon fight with their white lens.