Click here to see the schedule and prizes. Total prize sum is 30 000 SEK!

Open for chess players born 1992 or later with a ELO rating preferably over 2200. Interested? Email

With the classic junior competitions in Hallsberg as inspiration Stockholm Chess Challenge was born this spring. The first tournament in March 2016 was successful and it brought together several of the world's most talented young players who were challenged by swedish aspiring chess stars.
The organizers would like to thank the main sponsor Data Respons and co-sponsor Sylog. Thanks to their help the tournament became a reality. To the next edition of the tournament on 6–11 of March 2017 joins another co-sponsor: Memory Hotel.


The 2nd edition will be played at Memory Hotel over nine rounds 6-11 of March 2017 once again sponsored by Data Respons and Sylog. Click here for more info, schedule and rules.

The ambition is the same: namely that sweden's best juniors and young people will get the chance to meet young and strong international players in order to encourage them to get IM- and GM- norms and likewise with all other participants in the tournament of course. Stockholm Chess Challenge remains an invitational tournament.

The news for 2017 is that Stockholm Chess Challenge is played at the new co-sponsor Memory Hotel in Kista. As a new co-sponsor Memory Hotel offers excellent playing conditions in a modern conference room and luxuary environments.

The audience has much easier to get to the playing venue this time and can follow the games in the commentary room. There will also be a a live broadcast on the Web-TV with FM Martin Lokander, 20 years old, as your host..

– To once again give the Swedish chess talents this opportunity feels wonderful, and I would like to thank Data Respons and Sylog whose efforts have been crucial to realizing this dream, says Tony Apéria.

In addition, we look very forward to stage the tournament at the new co-sponsor Memory Hotel in Kista. Memory Hotel offers players the best possible environment.

Tony Apéria is a member of Swedish Chess Academy who has been very involved in realising the tournament Stockholm Chess Challenge.

Jan Ståhlberg, chairman for Swedish Chess Academy:

-The Chess Academy is very pleased to have been able to contribute to the Stockholm Chess Challenge also this edition. The Academy has as one of its main objectives to support Swedish youth chess, who we are convinced will get much enjoyment out of this tournament. The Chess Academy would also like to say a big thank you to the sponsors Data Respons, Sylog and Memory Hotel for the very valuable support.

Stockholm Chess Challenge will be organised by Stockholm's Chess Society and Stockholm's Chess Federation.

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