At a time when the digital evolution goes at breakneck speed, there is still a growing interest in the old. Although it comes out new games, there are still those who would rather play video- and computer games from sooner, and board games trend from 2015 is still in the. Interest in chess crawling down the ages and the classic games can still compete with modern games.

Brädspelens return

There will always be audiences who like to play a certain game or a certain type of game. But there is a growing interest in more traditional games, which it was believed would disappear in favor of the more modern games, has come as a surprise. In Sweden, it was 2015 again popularly playing board games with friends and family. Classics like Monopoly and Risk and Cluedo and Memory moved back into peoples homes and it started to sell new versions with new themes and skins. Although chess may not belong to this particular category of games, got it absolutely a resurgence of the trend. Many who excels in other board games to test their skill in the hardest and most strategic game of them all.

Young Scandinavian talents of the many-time world champion Magnus Carlsen has also contributed to chess has become popular in recent years. At the same time also exciting scenarios that arose during the World Championship in London last year. It was the first time twelve straight portions stopped referral, and the decision had to be by replay, which the young Norwegian won with three of three.

digital retro

It is not only the classics are played face to face in the real reality that is gaining popularity. Although digital classics have made a comeback. Game companies like Nintendo and Sony have released their old consoles in nyversioner. Nintendo's new editions of the SNES and NES sold out immediately, which is also the new versions of Atari and Commodore 64 did. Their classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario and many more have been released with the latest or new editions to suit today's digital devices. Even older games have come back at Casino Online. It has breathed life into the slot machines and games of chance, that almost goes back as far in time as chess. These can be played both on mobile phones, tablet and a computer, and is from now on the new rules that apply to games in Sweden. It means a responsible gaming, quality games from renowned game suppliers and gaming activities that offer the games must have an approved license for the country it operates in.

(“Super Mario Bros 1985” (CC BY 2.0) of SobControllers.)

This development and this interest is gratifying news, while there is a questioner. What is it about these games that still beckon. How can that after so many years still be an entertainment value and a challenge. Is it just about nostalgia or is it something more?

No matter what the cause is, it is a development that leads to that there are more choices, more games and, not least, more people want to try to play chess.