How to locate playing venue Stockholm Chess Salons

Upon request we give you a detailed map to locate Stockholm Chess Salons at Ringvägen 9C in Stockholm. It is situated in an inner yard so it might be difficult to find the location from the street. Here you have a map.

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Shared victory between GM Kobo and GM Kantans in Stockhom Chess Challenge

Shared winners: GM Toms Kantans and GM Ori Kobo. Photo Lars OA Hedlund

GM Kantans hold the lead in Stockholm Chess Challenge, but in the end he was catched by GM Ori Kobo, Israel. The shared winners of Stockhom Chess Challenge are GM Ori Kobo and GM Toms Kantans. Congratulations to them!

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LIVE: round 8 at 9:00 AM CET – GM Toms Kantans is still in the lead

GM Maiorov (left) chases the leader GM Kantans (right) in Stockholm Chess Challenge. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

Latvian grandmaster Toms Kantans is still in the lead with two rounds to go. Eight round starts already at 9:00 AM CET. Toms’ margin to the chasing group has closed to half a point since GM Kobo and GM Maiorov won their games in round 7. Kantans has 5,5 points, Kobo and Maiorov 5,0 points. India’s chess prodigy Sankalp Gupta has had a strong tournament. He is in reach of taking an IM norm. That would be his second IM-norm on swedish soil, the first came in Rilton Cup 2016-2017..

Round 8 starts at 9:00 AM. Follow the action here on TV or on our Live & Chat page. Here are the standings after seven rounds. Here you find all games so far – provided by Chessbase.

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4:00 PM CET – last round

The 9th and decisive in Stockholm Chess Challenge will be played 4:00 PM CET. GM Kantans has the lead with 6.5 points and the only one to be able to catch him is GM Kobo who has 6.0 points. Follow the action here:

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