Express report: Norm explosion in Stockholm Chess Challenge

Before the last round which start at 4:00 PM CET we can already celebrate two new FM:s 13 year old Stefan Pogosyan, Russia and 16 year old Milton Pantzar, Sweden. Both have crossed the 2300 barrier during Stockholm Chess Challenge 2017.

New FM (1) and probably an IM norm for Stefan Pogosyan, Russia. New FM (2) Milton Pantzar, Sweden. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

According to this Stefan Pogosyan has most certainly earned an IM norm. We will calculate everything after the tournament. Eric Thorn, Sweden, has also a chance to take a IM norm. But then he most defeat the swedish champion GM Erik Blomqvist in the last round.
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GM Bajarani in solo lead – IM Lindgren in hunt for GM norm

Yesterday´s two rounds saw several crucial games. GM Ulvi Bajarani, Azerbaijan held a draw against GM Erik Blomqvist. GM Ulvi Bajarani is now in solo lead in Stockholm Chess Challenge.

IM Philip Lindgren, Sweden beat IM Mads Hansen, Denmark. Philip Lindgren is now the IM with best chances to catch a GM norm in the tournament.

The standings in Stockholm Chess Challenge after 6 rounds.

The pairings for round 7 at 3:00 PM CET today.

Lars OA Hedlund´s pictures from the tournament,en.

All the games so far in PGN format.

GM Blomqvist & GM Bajarani. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

IM:s Philip Lindgren and Mads Hansen. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

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The duel of round 5: GM Blomqvist vs GM Bajarani

GM Erik Blomqvist & GM Ulvi Bajarani share the lead. Don´t miss their duel in round 5 on Thursday at 10:00 AM CET Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

GM Ulvi Bajarani won the GM clash against GM Tukhaev in round 4. He has now 3,5 points and shares the lead with Sweden´s hope GM Erik Blomqvist.

Sweden has another one among the top contenders: IM Philip Lindgren with 3 points. He shares the 3rd place with IM Hansen, Denmark and GM Maiorov, Belarus.

Here are the standings.

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Six players share the lead in Stockholm Chess Challenge

Six players share the lead with 2.5 points after 3 rounds; GM Blomqvist, Sweden, GM Maiorov, Belarus, GM Tukhaev, Ukraine, GM Bajarani, Azerbajdzjan and the Danish IM-dynamite duo Haubro and Hansen.

Danish dynamite duo – IM Hansen and IM Haubro check the pairings for round 4. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

Here you will find Lars OA Hedlund's pictures from day 2. Press & Media are free to use the pictures. But don't forget to give Lars OA Hedlund photo credit.

Round 4 starts today at 3:00 PM CET. Here are the pairings.


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