Learn more about the tournament’s main sponsor Data Respons

Data Respons believes a smarter solution starts from inside. Data Respons provides products, R&D services and embedded solutions at all levels of complexity to different customers in a wide range of market segments. Read more about Data Respons here.

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Nordea the main sponsor for today’s chess event: ”Business enterprise for integration”

"Together with our customers and partners, Nordea enables the transition to a sustainable future."

The Swedish Chess Academy together with the main sponsor Nordea invites to a Chess Festival at the Central Station in Stockholm today in connection with Stockholm Chess Challenge. The event is called "Business enterprise for integration". The main sponsor for Stockholm Chess Challenge, Data Respons, is also a co-sponsor of the chess event at Central Station.

"Business enterprise for integration" takes of on May 2 at 12:30 PM with Grandmaster Pia Cramling inviting to simultaneous chess exhibition.

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Yes, he Kaan! Swedish youngster beat a GM in round 1 – see all games

Swedish FM Kaan Kücüksari. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

The swedish prodigy Kaan Kucuksari from Lund was the big surprise the opening day of Stockholm Chess Challenge. The 15 year old Kaan Kücüksari beat the turkish grandmaster Firat.

Here are all games from round 1, provided by Chessbase.

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LIVE TV from round 1 of Stockholm Chess Challenge at 5:00 PM CET

IM Martin Lokander will be the host together with WCM Ellen Kakulidis in today´s first round of Stockholm Chess Challenge, sponsored by Data Respons. The broadcast is expected to be in swedish.

The first round starts at 5:00 PM CET and several chess sites will broadcast the games. You find the list to the left or in the top menu.

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