Football and chess are at first glance not very common. It is rare to hear of a football player who likes to play chess, or a chess player who likes kicking ball. But there are more similarities than many people might think, and the fact is that chess can be a great help for football players to understand their own game better.

Football players and chess

Perhaps there is no natural link between the two sports. One is the world's largest team sport and the other is one of the world's oldest board game. The links which it has been reported is also more comedic than helpful. One example was reported by a couple of years ago. The two Norwegian football players Martin Ödeegaard and Mats Moller dahlia posted a picture on Instagram showing the two play a game of chess. However was something very wrong with the picture, which country the art and also the world chess, Magnus Carlsen, was quick to point out. Not only are the king and queen standing in the wrong place. The entire board was turned 90 degrees in the wrong direction.

Whether Ödeegaard and dahlia has continued to play after the event is unsaid. Ödeegaard play today in La Liga club Real Sociedad, while dahlia play in German St.. Pauli. According stain and news report from is the odds 4.00 for Real Sociedad ends among the top 4 best in the league. To succeed, it had one idea was to take a closer look at a chess board.

Four areas where chess can help footballers

The closer you look at the two sports, the more similarities you can find. A football player can actually improve their tactical and strategic thinking on the football through to immerse themselves in the game, whose rules explained It can assist them with:

The tactic: Both sports are surrounded by rules. You can not only set pieces where you want, or shoot the ball towards goal anyway. Before each match goes football players and coaches through the tactics to follow. The more the player is aware of why the tactics needed to win the match, the better the hen to perform.

Manage opponents: Both chess and football played 11 against 11. This is the same number of players / pieces that need to be checked. Chess can help footballers to understand how important it is to always keep track of every piece. Football is indeed a team sport where everyone on the team helps to guard the opponents, but every player should be aware of everything and everyone.

Foto: Unsplash

increasing concentration: Both games require great concentration. A distracted footballer makes mistakes, just like a chess player. Chess can help the player to train concentration and help the hen to stay focused for longer moments.

The importance of both attack and defense: Chess and football is about both to defend themselves and attack their opponents. You can not choose one over the other. The greater the understanding the player has the, the better the hen to monitor and control the game.

Now when you think about it, there are actually quite a lot of similarities between sports and chess can help the football player to get a deeper understanding of certain factors. But this is, of course, provided they know how to play chess and how the board will look like.