It has been played chess for several centuries and is still as popular today as in the days when the game was invented. The words checkmate have the effect that the king is attacked. Shah is the Persian word just for king and chess game was born probably in the country Persia around the year 500 f.Kr. It is also considered that the chess board have had predecessors in both Greece and India.

In India moved the players the plays by the use of dice. According to some scientists would play setup correspond Alexander the Great lineup of its army in the army had beaten the Persian and Indian kings. By contrast, the Greek board game was the difference that the players needed to think more strategically and use tactics instead of relying on the dice and luck. Just as today's slot as everything depends on chance. For slots at casinos without wagering it is a random number generator that determines which combinations as it should be and when profits will fall due. Therefore, you can not affect game performance that you can do for example in chess, since it requires both skill and strategy to play.

Slowly but surely spread the game of chess in the world. This is partly thanks to the Arabs who conquered Sicily and southern Spain during the 700's. The Vikings also helped to spread the board game as they took home with them on their forays eastward. In some of the stories from the Island it is said that King Canute let Ulf Jarl executed as they argued about a game of chess in 1027. Chess got its present form in the 1400s when it was developed in Europe and spread across borders, to become a popular and popular board games.

The development of chess in Europe

Chess spread in Europe during the Middle Ages and this even though the church and other worldly were against the board game. during the year 1254 was King Louis IX of France had to announce a ban on gambling because it was played for money in connection with chess. Playing chess was very popular, especially when it was played for money, both at court and among the French population. Chess Gambling continued though it was illegal. Nowadays, you can still play with money and time by betting on the odds in chess.

today's chess – How it grew

During the 1700s, France was a center for playing chess in Europe. It became increasingly more common to sit and play chess cafés in the country and the most famous cafe in the chess world was the Cafe de la Regence who was in Paris, and there are also many prominent chess players met in the areas of board game. Moreover, it has been held competitions and tournaments at the cafe. Slowly but surely made chess inroads in Europe.

The chess pieces history

Over the years, the pieces way to move on changed much. The differences are very interesting between the elderly and those used nowadays. King has always been a king or other leader who was high. The piece is called the queen was former advisor and could only move diagonally one step at a time.

The runner was originally an elephant, and when it was played in Southeast and East Asia could be moved either step forward or diagonally. The reason was that it symbolized the elephant's trunk (Forward) and the four legs (diagonal). In India, it was different then the elephant customers take two steps forward, rear and sides,, to Persia to take two steps on the diagonal. In both Persia and India could be the elephant jump over another chess piece, just like the day the horse instead of the runner.

Originally, the tower of a tank but has always moved as the play is today. The farmer was formerly an infantry soldier, but even then they go step as it does in modern playing chess. In connection with the board game spread to different parts of the world so adapted pieces. In the mid 1100s there were various examples of how the pieces could look, but they all had in common that the legacy of the Muslim abstractions disappear. These will be replaced by kings, bishops, queens, knights and foot soldiers and then eventually look like they do today. While the pieces are more powerful, such as the queen and the bishop.

other strategy games

Other strategy games you might know, Risk and Stratego or newer game Game of Thrones, based on the book. Then it goes on to defeat the other powers of various kinds. You are going to place troops for your strategy to take over the world, capture the opponent's flag and be king over all the kingdoms. This was just a small selection of all strategy games there is and no matter what you choose, it is satisfying to be able to use your mind and think of different strategies.