Jonathan Westerberg is fighting hard to become Grandmaster

jonathan_westerberg_SWEJonathan Westerberg, 21 years of age, is one of Sweden's most diligent tournament players. His attitude at the chessboard has brought him all the way to the national team.

He made his debut for Sweden in the senior team in European Championship in Iceland where he was stumbling when trying to earn his second GM norm. Maybe it comes instead in his upcoming tournaments: London Chess Classic and Rilton Cup. Jonathan Westerberg can be a Grandmaster when it's time for Stockholm Chess Challenge.

You made the debut in the National tem during European Championships in Iceland. Tell me more about feeling to play in the national team, and how you think it went?

– It is a great feeling for me to represent my own country in such competitions. I tightened up more in preparation and during games, which made me raise my game. Although I made ​​a couple of rough mistakes my result was okay.

You are one Sweden's most diligent tournament players. How many games will you play during 2015?

– I think I play approximately 120 long games per year, and I also play some Blitz- and rapid tournaments.

You're well on your way to becoming Grandmaster. How far have you come in your hunt for the title?

– I have takenone Grandmaster norm and achieved 2500 in elo. So I am about half ways, but I expect to do it within one to two years.

What is your goal in Stockholm Chess Challenge?

– To win the tournament and play good chess!


VIDEO, Interview during Visma Chess

VIDEO, ICC blitz Westerberg vs. Greg Shahade. Greg is not happy!

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