Martin Lokander – is he Sweden's next International Master in chess?

martin_lokander_SWEMartin Lokander, 19 years of age, became FIDE-master (FM) 2014, and makes a revival to become International Master (IM).

Martin Lokander has devoted much time to other exciting projects in chess over the last year. He is coach, He becomes a TV commentator during Rilton Cup and he has recently come out with a chess book “The open games for black”.

His facebook update when the book was released “I have always wanted to write a book, so I wrote a book”, says a lot about Lokanders goal-oriented personality.

You have belonged to Sweden's talents for many years now, how is it with your hunt for the IM title?

– I need a final IM norm, but I'm probably just as frustrated with my declining rating last six months.

How would you say that your chess form is right now?

– Not optimal right now, but trying to play me in the form. I switch between successes in Sweden with disastrous results in Europe.

You have many other projects in chess. You came out with a book recently . Tell me more about the book!

– It's pretty simple. I have always wanted to write a book, since I was 4-5 years of age. Now that I've taken a year off from school and is in the process of with chess full time it seemed pretty reasonable to write a book. Now it feels anyway like I accomplished something during my year off from school.

What did you know about Hallsberg’s tournaments which is model of Stockholm Chess Challenge?

– Nothing. I knew about them, and that they had closed their doors. Sometimes when I go regional train it stops at Hallsberg. It is not that far away from Stockholm.

What is your goal in SCC?

– Well… no idea. To play good chess, and hopefully perform better than expected. Have not really seen the line-up yet so it is difficult to say.

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