12 year old Shri Savitha beat FM Theodor Kenneskog in round 5 of Stockholm Chess Challenge. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

The two 12 years old Shri Savitha, India (1895), and Jagadeesh Siddharth, Singapore (2132) are both still playing well over their ELO rating. Both have a rating performance of over 2300 after 5 rounds.

They will certainly earn FIDE titles in the future and the first titles has been achieved here in Stockholm Chess Challenge sponsored by Data Respons.

Shri Savitha had before this tournament raised her rating to 1985 during April after Reykjavik and Grenke. And here in Stockholm Chess Challenge she has raised her rating another 83 (!) points meaning that her live rating is 2068.

That means that she has the right to claim the WCM title and is only 32 points shy to even grab the WFM title. This will certainly be a spring to remember for 12 year old Shri Savitha.

Jagadeesh has also firmly raised his rating in Stockholm (53 points so far). He also raised his rating with 20 points in Reykjavik and is over 2200 in live rating, meaning that he earns the right to claim the CM title.