Kirill Stupak (left) shares the lead. Here is playing against Swedish player Kaan Kücüksari. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

One of the Belarus grand masters Kirill Stupak and Nikita Maiorov will most certainly win Stockholm Chess Challenge which will be finished on Wednesday with last two rounds.

They are 1,5 point ahead of FM Jung Min Seo and Swedish grand master Erik Blomqvist. Jung Min Seo had a good chance to stay close behind Stupak and Maiorov.

But Jagadeesh Siddharth, Singapore, managed to win the game against Jung Min Seo in the 7th round. Siddharth is having one of his best performances here in Stockholm. His ELo has raised impressive 95 points so far.

But Indian player Shri Savitha is even better with an astonishing raise of her rating with 105 points.