2466 GM Ulvi Bajarani

Grandmaster Ulvi Bajarani is one of all prodigies from the strong chess country Azerbaijan. Ulvi Bajarani became Fidemaster at 10 years age. He was 14 years old when he got the International Master title and he became Grandmaster two years later.

Ulvi Bajarani will be 22 years old when Stockholm Chess Challenge starts, and will be one of the top contenders in the tournament. Ulvi Bajarani has a long list of merit. The victory in men championship of Azerbaijan is probably his greatest achievement – so far…

Ulvi Bajarani has an own web page. Here you can read more about his victorious chess career.

Click here to see the schedule and prizes. Total prize sum is 30 000 SEK!
Open for chess players born 1992 or later with a ELO rating preferably over 2200. Interested? Email info@stockholmchess.se

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