2020 year’s edition of Stockholm Chess Challenge will be played 13-18th of June in Stockholm. This year with a new concept.

There will be one GM Berger group with players born 1995 or later. The top prizes are 10 000 – 6 000 – 4 000 SEK. We are sending out invitations at this moment. Are you GM and interested? Please email stefan.lindh@zengun.se

There will also be a strong Swiss tournament for players born 1995 or later and with a minimum ELO of 2000. Our goal is to invite IM:s so it will be possible to hunt for an IM norm. The 1st prize in the IM Swiss is 6 000 SEK.

The official invitation is now published and you can read it here.

Organizers and main sponsor Data Respons welcome you to Stockholm Chess Challenge 2020!